Tongue and groove pine floor boards - 1.5 - 2 inches thick. Good to fair to poor condition. Other barn woodposts in a pile. Probably 150-200 feet of wood. FREE
my dog. hes a jack russel mixed, 3 year old dog. i have to get rid of him because im not home enough and my parents wont let me keep him. hes the sweetest most loving animal i have ever encountered and i refuse to take him to the pound. if youre interested please let me know. please help my baby find his loving furever home.
Kitchen table , twin bed with mattress or bunk bed also looking for wood tv stand if you dont need id really appreciate it i wont resale i can really use myself and my family
NEED GONE ASAP Moved into new house and this old Organ was left here. Has been turned on and everything seems to work
Have never used this. Powers up, but when I put a tape in and press ffwd or reverse, I hear a click but no spin. Motor may need a little attention, or maybe Im just missing something. Opened it up and saw nothing obvious - no mouse nests, no broken belts, etc. Hoping someone can make use of it.
Free porch furniture getting new stuff to go with new porch and this is clogging up the garage and winter is coming on and need to park there wood glider, 2 wicker chairs with cushions, very nice glider could use a paint job, but works just fine, solid and heavy, also please take deskcomputer cabinet with the package of stuff. No pick and choose. The deal is you take them all . youll need a pic...
Free weeping willow firewood Huge amountLarge chunks , small chunks.Would work in outside furnace. Doesnt give off much heat, smells,and burns fast. Easy to get too. Very heavy.BUT IT IS FREE.
Good shape. Used to be electric but that is not working anymore. Leather still in good shape. Pretty heavy. Will need two people to move it out of garage.
Rear section of drive shaft off of a 2005 equinox. The front half of the drive shaft is no good. I thought maybe someone would have a use for this. Doesnt include the carrier bearing or the U-joint.Text only, pickup only. Honeoye is not Honeoye Falls, use google maps before you waste my time.
3 years ago, I tore down an old shed and a porch. Id like this pile gone. Its yours if you want it, but MUST TAKE IT pick and choose. A few Good pieces, but Id say most only suitable for burning or landfill Etc. All PT mostly 2x4 and landscape timbers. Average 6 to 12 ft pieces. Im not sure if theres much value in it, so f youd like to make an offer on what youd charge to haul it away, ...